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How To Begin Your Journey to a Cancer-Free Life

NCIT scientists have developed a much kinder, gentler therapy for all cancers. No chemotherapy, radiation or massive invasive surgery is used in this technology. As a result, patients can, for the first time, go through cancer treatments without the fear of serious side effects, including death, often created by traditional medical technology.

Our technologies are carried out by licensed  medical doctors and medical doctors with a specialty in natural medicine. All are trained in the field of quantum health management. 

Listed below are our therapies, most of which proprietary and not available outside of Ecuador.


Cancer cells are weak cells that are unable to tolerate heat well. The theory behind traditional therapies of radiation and chemotherapy is that these weak cells will die before normal cells if attacked with radiation and/or chemicals.

While the theory is logical, the method of attack is not. Chemicals and radioisotopes that remain in the body for extended times begin to break down normal cells and create the likelihood of spreading the cancer throughout the body.

Certain types of hyperthermia therapy can effectively destroy the weak cells without the residual destruction of healthy cells. Hyperthermia units that presently exist are very effective in killing tumors, but new technology has been developed that increases the effectiveness of this therapy. It's called Infrathermia, since it utilizes basically the same concept but with the added technology of near infrared light.

Infrathermia incorporates a near infrared system that not only provides warming, but also stimulating color therapy. The system emit a small amount of red, orange and yellow visible light. These light frequencies draw energy downward into the body and can assist the digestive and eliminative organs to some degree.

While traditional hyperthermic units require high temperatures to accomplish their goal of destroying cancer cells, NCIT Infrathermia unit provides a more comfortable approach. It eliminates the need for general anesthesia to help the patient tolerate the heat. This approach allows the internal unit temperature to remain cooler, yet allows the patient to sweat and release body toxins while cancer cells are being destroyed.

The near infrared approach incorporated in this unit penetrates deeply into the body due to the fact that the heat source is concentrated in a small area, for example, the abdomen. The rays can penetrate into the body sufficiently to destroy internal tumors while the air temperature can stay cooler than traditional hyperthermia units.

The near infrared differs from traditional heating methodology, which uses ceramic or metallic elements that emit mainly far infrared rays. These types of heaters give off stray electromagnetic fields that my be harmful to some people by disrupting electrical functioning at the cellular level.

Near infrared is an antioxidant nutrient that activates normal cells, supports metabolic processes and decouples toxins from water molecules in the body. Near infrared assists in cellular regeneration of normal cells as well, and is helpful in restoring normal cellular functioning if the body has been exposed to chemotherapy and radioactive isotopes.

Infrared Guided Radio Frequency Ablation (RFAI)

Another specialty medical procedure ...

For more than 10 years, Radio Frequency Ablation has been used experimentally in the USA for the destruction of small tumors. For internal tumors, the CATscanner was necessary to guide the ablation needle into the tumor. The CAT scanner, of course, emits high radiation that can be a hazard to the patient, making this procedure less desirable.

For surface or near-surface tumors, the type normally found in the breast, ultrasound has often been employed for the same purpose. While ultrasound is safe and does not emit dangerous radiation, it is less effective in obtaining clear margins. Most doctors will not attempt to ablate large tumors utilizing this method.

Infrared Guided RFA is particularly useful for breast cancer and other near-surface tumors because it utilizes infrared imaging to track the progress of the heat build-up that destroys the tumor. A fully trained doctor in this QHM methodology can not only destroy the tumor but also obtain sufficiently clear margins to prevent further occurrence of this cancer.

In fact, the QHM  clinic will gladly treat any recurrence of a breast tumor at no charge if ever in the patient's lifetime it returns! We know of no other treatment system that will give the same assurance.

Electron Direct Therapy

Your body is a body electric. Think of yourself as a walking battery with millions of cells vs. a car battery with only a few cells. When just one cell in your car battery fails, the whole battery soon fails and leaves you stranded. It takes many failed cells in your body to leave you stranded, but it happens every day.

The problem is that we are often unaware of this happening until symptoms begin appearing. It's like when your car's headlights are dim rather than brightly shining as they should. Your body begins to lose energy, just like your car battery, when things are not as they should be. Low energy is always a symptom to take seriously.

So, it makes sense to create a therapy that deals with the electrical nature of our cells. When your battery gets weak in your car, the mechanic uses a battery charger to recharge the cells. Sometimes your car battery needs electrolytes to keep the cells healthy. In like manner, your body needs electrolytes for optimal cellular health.

When a cell goes bad in your car's battery, you generally must buy a new battery, but when a cell goes bad in your body, something different can happen. This bad cell can become a cancer cell—a cell weaker than a normal cell, but a cell that duplicates its abnormal self.

Our therapy sends a charge directly into this weaker cell, not to revitalize it, but to disrupt its reproduction process, which stops the abnormal cell production. This charge actually helps normal cells!

When these abnormal cells are in a tumor, the tumor is unable to grow. Continued therapy, sending a constant electrical charge through the tumor, results not only in no growth, but in eventual death of the cancer cells and thus the tumor itself.

When we're dealing with stray cancer cells that have broken loose from the primary site of the cancer, we spray the body head to foot with these "shotgun" electrical particles in an attempt to stop the spread of your cancer. We know of no other system that employs this NCIT technology.